WHO AM I? (personal survey)

Name: Ashleigh B. Millsaps
Gender: Female
Birthday: 12/28/1987
Race: Caucasion
Eye color: hazel
Height: 5’1”
School/Grade: UNCC/3.4 GPA
Job: Chick-fil-A; in search of a new one
Status: you mean “In A Relationship”?
Hometown: Mt. Airy (Mayberry), NC
Current Town: Charlotte, NC
Parents: David & Trudi
Siblings: Kylie & Walker (sis & bro)
Pets: 2 dogs
Smoker: definitely not
Drinker: no

Can you speak another language? Spanish
Political stand? Republic
Religion? Christian (Baptist)

Adaptable? Can be
Ambitious? very
A good listener? absolutely
Attentive? very
Artistic? Isn’t it obvious?
Boring? Hope not
Caring? very
Clumsy? sometimes
Cocky? never
Conceited? Not at all
Confident? usually
Controlling? never
Creative? very
Daring? sometimes
Dependable? yes
Easily Amused? always
Energetic? sometimes
Funny? Can be
Helpful? Try to be
Honest? More often than not
Indecisive? sometimes
Insecure? On a roller coaster…YES!
Jealous? About what?
Logical? sometimes
Modest? usually
Mean? no
Nice? yes
Optimistic? Try to be
Outgoing? usually
Persuasive? Not at all
Polite? usually
Punctual? Try to be
Rational? usually
Respectful? yes
Romantic? You have no idea!
Sarcastic? sometimes
Smart? I’d like to think so...
Shy? no
Talkative? no
Thoughtful? very
Tolerant? I have a list…


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