My Profession

More frequently I'm asked:
What defines you?
Who influences you?
What is your life purpose?
What kind of art do you make?
Why pursue art for your career?

I've given deep and extensive thought to these things, and I will answer more of them as I go along in life (and in other blogs or posts). There were so many options, the door was wide open with choices that I had for a career path. First, I wanted to be a veterinarian or a pediatrician, but my weak stomach for blood and guts and disease changed my mind. Next, I considered being an actress because I love to sing, dance, and I was always pretending to be someone or something else during my younger years, but living in Hollywood with all that nonsense drama off-stage unmasked the glamour and fantasy; then, I visited New York twice and decided the city-life was not for me. So I kissed Hollywood and Broadway goodbye.

My dad sat down with me one night and we did some research on Graphic Design. At first it seemed too high of an aim (professionally and intellectually) for even my ambitious nature. But my options were slim, so I gave it a shot. It became my new passion! It was art taken to a whole new level! Not only could I use my drawing skills, but I could be on the computer all the time, I could play with words and text in ways I never imagined, I could call myself an artist without getting "oh, you're one of those wierdos" looks because I attached the word "graphic" in front. Suddenly, I was creating art that had a purpose, a professional aspect and concept, a plan. Graphic Design is creativity with restraint. There is nothing that I design that is spontaneous. Every little stroke, letter or word, color, element, and composition is a decision based on preconceived ideas, standards, guidelines, or requirements. Every decision I make has a reason.

There are more definitions and further details for Graphic Design which I will provide and share. Check them out if you think this occupation might be the right one for you. I know it is for me.


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